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Interactive English 2–This free resource from NorQuest College focuses on learners at a CLB 2 to 4 and is built around short stories using video, audio, and text to create opportunities for learners to safely experience and understand Canadian culture and develop functional literacy skills.

Interactive English 2 is suitable for adults who are learning in a classroom setting, training in employment preparation, studying with community tutors, or working on their own self-directed language learners.

ESL Rural Routes–Find various resources for lesson planning, teacher training, cultural diversity training, and many other resources to help you with your teaching needs.

News Videos for Learning English
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LINC Student Assessment

These resources are to help determine student English skills according to the Canadian Language Benchmarks. Please remember this is for informal use only to help gauge their approximate English level.

Students wishing to have their Canadian Language Benchmarks officially tested should consult Immigrant Services Calgary for an assessment

Canadian Language Benchmarks Documents

Bow Valley College

Alberta Reading Benchmarks for Adults

(not specific to ESL, but a great resource to assess student reading levels)

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Alberta Health Services


Alberta Health Services (AHS) has a developed a short video called Navigating the Health Care System, Getting Health Care When you are Sick. It’s translated and recorded in 9 languages. Teachers may use the English version as a teaching tool. At the end of the video, the contact information is outdated. Please update your students with the following changes: Alberta Health Link 811:

For copies of the video contact Sylvie Lebihan at 403 955-1213 or

Book an AHS presentation for your ESL Class

To book an AHS representative to come and present to your ESL class, read the presentation form and choose a topic most appropriate for your learners’ level. Then fill out the presentation request form on the last page of this form: AB Health 2018-Nov-English level-Presentation list and email it to Yvonne Hau or Sylvie Lebihan.

Please note that we request a minimum of 10 students per presentation and the earlier you book the better chance we can fulfill your request. Please give us at least one month notice.

For more information and to send back the completed presentation request form, please contact:

Yvonne Hau, Diversity Liaison,

Public Health, Alberta Health Services—Calgary Zone

East Calgary Health Centre

4715-8th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2A 3N4

Tel: 403.955.1486

Best Practices Report—Supporting the Integration of Immigrant Families

Best Practices in Supporting the Integration of Immigrant Families Through Small Ethno-cultural Organizations.

  • Read the full document here.