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Without a Passport Conference

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Keynote Speaker

Bud FuchsD.H. Bud Fuchs (BS Ed; MA Ed)

Bud and his wife Lois, live in Utah County, Utah. They are blessed with 4 sons, 3 daughters-in-law and 10 grandchildren. Bud serves with North American Baptists Inc. as Cross-Cultural Trainer and in campus ministry with international students. He has been a pastor and missionary, reaching out to international students, immigrants, and refugees for more than 40 years. Bud is also the author of “Without a Passport” (www.withoutapassportbook.com).

Workshop: English Language: Empowerment for Mission

English Language: Empowerment for Mission

Introducing Bible-Based Materials for Teaching English

Facilitator: Amber Wylie-Moerman, MA in Global Studies, TTESOL

Teaching English is a key way churches can reach out and meet an immediate need for newcomers. The church is uniquely positioned to go a step beyond what government programs offer by addressing relational and spiritual dimensions. Church-based ESL classes provide space for authentic dialogue to take place to share God’s love in the classroom. Some challenges volunteer-based programs face is to prepare and choose resources used for teaching, as well as the question of how to share our faith in a non-threating and welcoming way. The objective of this workshop is to introduce and demonstrate English language curriculum designed for teaching English, fostering relationships and discussions, and presenting the Gospel using Biblical text and interactive language tasks. Join us to discover how this exciting tool can support your current program or help start a new ESL class in your church.

Amber Wylie-Moerman, MA in Global Studies, TTESOL.

Amber has worked in the field of ELT (English Language Teaching) for the past fifteen years teaching English and training teachers in a variety of contexts and countries. She worked as an assistant professor of TESOL at Providence University College in Manitoba and at Trinity Western University in British Columbia. She is a certified CLBPT (Canadian Language Benchmarks Placement Test) assessor and more recently involved in curriculum and materials development. What motivates her most is seeing teachers grow and develop a deeper confidence and passion in their roles in the field of language teaching.

Workshop: Without a Passport - Bridging the Cultural Gap

Without a Passport – Bridging the Cultural Gap

Facilitator: Steve Simpson

Just as we need passports to enter a foreign country, we also need them to enter the hearts and lives of people. Without this kind of cultural passport, personal connections in the host country can be limiting. While unable to speak the language of the host country is real, help is available to learn English through government and church-based ESL programs. However, gaining passage into the hearts and lives of people requires additional understanding to appreciate the dynamics of culture enough to develop friendships. In this workshop a panel of experts will discuss cross-cultural issues that engage workshop participants, showing them how to provide passage across cultural boundaries.

Steve Simpson [B.Sc, B.Ed, M.A. (Applied Linguistics)]

Steve and his wife Vicky live in Calgary. They have three married sons, along with 3 daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren. Steve taught school with the Calgary Board of Education for 13 years before joining Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT). In their 30 plus years with WBT, they served as literacy specialists in Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, and India. They were involved with facilitating basic education for children of minority languages. Multi-Lingual Education involves building a good foundation in mother tongue (learning to read and write) and then using second language learning to build bridges to languages of wider communication. Steve and Vicky are now retired but are still active in the ESL program at Bethany Chapel.

Workshop: ESL Conversation Events

ESL Conversation Events

Facilitator: Bud Fuchs, BS Ed; MA Ed

Adjusting to a new culture is a huge challenge for many of us, especially learning to communicate in that culture’s language. This workshop offers simple, organizational guidelines and ideas to help ESL teachers and facilitators host conversation classes or events to open doors for relationship building with your international students.

Workshop: Being Strategic Cross-Culturally

Being Strategic Cross-Culturally

Facilitator: Bud Fuchs, BS Ed; MA Ed

If you want to reach internationals, refugees, and other foreigners who live near you, you’ll need a few strategies to help you take practical steps to do it right. Cultural challenges and differences can make or break us when it comes to reaching internationals.

Workshop: The Gospel, the WHOLE Gospel, and Nothing but the Gospel

The Gospel, the WHOLE Gospel, and Nothing but the Gospel

Facilitator:  Lane Elliott, SIM Missionary

In this workshop we will look at keys to presenting a clear gospel message. It is the greatest story ever told! Do you know how to tell it?

Lane and Sheri Elliott started in full-time ministry shortly after they were married in 1996. They moved to Caroline, AB to begin ministering at Camp Caroline where they remained from 1997-2005.  The Elliott’s followed God’s calling to serve as missionaries in Paraguay and Mexico. After 10 years in cross-cultural missions, the Elliott’s returned to Alberta where they continue to serve as faith-supported missionaries with SIM reaching the marginalized with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and mobilizing the local church to do the same. Lane and Sheri are parents of 5 children—Alexis, Jemma, Noah and twin boys, Jackson and Judeson, adopted from Haiti in 2013.

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