Cooperative ESL Ministries Society is an interdenominational Christian organization dedicated to welcoming newcomers to Canada. We serve people of all faiths and cultures—advocating respect and understanding of cultural, religious and language backgrounds.

We train, resource, network and consult to fulfill our mission–empowering churches to reach out in love to the immigrants and internationals in our communities.


The following events are for volunteers from church and community organizations who need training to work and teach newcomers:

  • Spring & Fall Training: a full-day training event focused on current issues facing newcomers. Provides information and strategies for assisting newcomers plus an option for ESL facilitators to enhance their classroom skills -offered.

  • Intercultural Communication Workshops: half-day or evening workshops for groups wanting to raise intercultural awareness, learn about different cultural values, and improve cross-cultural communication skills. Workshops are delivered for your group at your church or organization by CESLM facilitators.

For information on our current workshops, contact or visit our Upcoming Events Page.


Through our large community network, we connect leaders and volunteers from church and community organizations with representatives from immigrant-serving agencies and other supportive community organizations by providing:

  • Annual Networking Breakfast: a half-day information and networking event for volunteers and staff from churches, immigrant serving agencies, and other supportive community organizations.

  • Information, contacts, and referrals to services for immigrants and other newcomers: connecting church and community-based programs to immigrant-serving agencies in Calgary and enabling program leaders to find appropriate specialized services (settlement services, counselling, further education, employment preparation, etc.) for their clients.

For information on our Annual Networking Breakfast, contact


We strive to raise awareness among church and community groups to encourage openness and involvement in reducing the barriers faced by immigrants and other newcomers in Calgary by:

  • Providing information and resources via our website and newsletter; and through workshops, speakers, and presentations at our training and networking events.

  • Encouraging interaction through Social Media: ‘Like Us” on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, sign up for our newsletter, or ask us questions via our website.

For information on our current workshops, contact or visit our Upcoming Events Page.


Thank you for partnering with us as we train and equip churches and volunteers to better reach newcomers in their communities. Your investment equips volunteers to invite immigrants out of isolation, serve them in a tangible way, and welcome them to connect with a Christ-centered community.