Teaching Opportunities

Agapé Language Centre Teaching Opportunity

Agapé Language Centre provides language instruction for newcomers to Canada, through English as a Second Language. Beddington Pentecostal Church partners with Agapé to fulfill this mission.

Agapé needs both in-person and/or online on-call substitute teachers willing to work Monday to Friday. Class times are 2.5 hours in the mornings or Tuesday & Thursday evenings. This is a paid position.

For more information, or if you are interested in signing up, please contact Debbie Alexander-Thomas at (403) 516-1846, by email, or visit our website.

Reposted July 22, 2022

Free Mind Learning Services Online Tutoring Opportunity

Looking for ESL teachers for online students in China. Must be available evenings and/or early mornings.

Contact Sara for more information at saradasko@gmail.com.

Reposted July 22, 2022

Gible Volunteer Teachers Needed

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to teach English in another country? Gible online teaching platform offers you the opportunity to teach around the world from the comfort of your own home.

To learn more about teaching with Gible, click the links below.

Pluscope Website: Background of Pluscope, Gible and Adducate

Gible Website: Check out the classes and info on how to register to become a volunteer teacher to students around the globe.

Adducate Website: an online resource with free videos to teach ESL learners.

Pluscope YouTube Channel: Watch promo videos, tutorials and ESL classes in other countries—with seniors from Canada.

English tutors needed in Turkey

English classes are now in session in Turkey, running a Basic English class for elementary students. The teacher is using the Gible Basic 1 Curriculum created by Gible as seen on the computer screen for students to follow along.

If you are interested in volunteering to teach a class like this with Gible, contact us at contact@pluscope.com and check out the promo video created by CESLM on YouTube.

Posted July 22, 2o22

ESL Volunteer Teachers Needed

I-AM ESL is looking for churches and/or volunteer teachers to work with Canadian refugees and immigrants. Specifically, we need help teaching English to newly arrived Afghan refugees. Teaching experience is helpful but not necessary. All that is needed is a love for Jesus and a heart for people.

If interested, please contact Laura Swart, director of I-AM ESL, for more information. Laura can be reached at swartfamily@shaw.ca or 403-289-0005.

Posted July 22, 2o22

ESL Volunteer Teachers Needed

The New Canadian Friendship Centre, NCFC, is looking for ESL teachers and substitutes for their Tuesday and Thursday evening in-person English classes at their location in NE Calgary. For more information, contact them at info@ncfcentre.com or 587-390-0770.

Posted December 1, 2022

ESL Volunteer Teachers Needed

Foothills Alliance Church in Calgary is looking for volunteers to help out in their ESL classes. For more information, contact Rick Love at 403.241.9777 ext. 287.

Posted December 1, 2022

ESL Volunteer Teachers Needed

The MPC Foundation, based in Calgary, is looking for ESL teachers to teach ESL to seniors at the Intermediate level. The timing is Wednesdays at 3 p.m. AB time. For more information, please contact Mae Chun at mae.chun@mpcfdn.ca.

Newcomer Services

Click the link below for more information:

Modular Employment Training Program

Click the link below for more information:

CIWA Food Service Training Program

Return to Work in Alberta (ROWA)

Return to Work in Alberta (ROWA) provides comprehensive and personalized services for E.I. recipients in Calgary and area for re-entry into the workforce.

To register, please contact or call 403-536-8242.

Click the link below for more information:

Return to Work in Alberta (ROWA)

Visit our website for more information about our services at https://www.centrefornewcomers.ca/return-to-work

EthniCity Catering and Cafe

Centre for Newcomers in Calgary is offering a new program for newcomers called EthniCity Catering and Café, a non-profit social enterprise at the Centre for Newcomers that provides paid Canadian work experience and training for immigrants and refugees.

We also cook, cater, sell multi-ethnic dishes to Calgarians and will soon open a café at our new office location at 125 – 565 36th street NE T2A 6K3.

Our training registration and information sessions are ongoing.

Please call 403.536.8242 or email kitchentraining@centrefornewcomers.ca if you know someone who will benefit from this program.

For more information, go to our website at centrefornewcomers.ca/kitchentraining, or download the Ethnic Catering Poster.

The Community Support Services Program is part of the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) which provides a supportive framework for foreign nationals in possession of work permits, post-graduate open work permits, and their dependents. The objective of the program is to foster self-reliance and adaptability while our clients live and work in Alberta, whether it is temporarily, or as they transition to permanent residents.

The program works collaboratively with government agencies, employers, educational institutions, communities and other relevant stakeholders to establish best practices and strategies which create positive experiences for our clients, as we pro-actively facilitate their integration into the workplace.

Our Community Support Services program offers workshops, information sessions and events like the ones below:

  • Understanding your rights and responsibilities
  • Pathways to Permanent Residency
  • Settlement services for your family
  • Budgeting and income tax filing
  • Social Café’s (Topics include: Understanding Canadian Culture, Building Your Self-Esteem, Mental Health and Wellness, Labour Exploitation: Understanding and Getting Help)
  • Recreational and Social events

More info at Comunity Support Services

 Download a brochure at Community Support Services

Resources For Teachers

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has developed a short video called Navigating the Health Care System, Getting Health Care When you are Sick. It’s translated and recorded in 9 languages. Teachers may use the English version as a teaching tool. At the end of the video, the contact information is outdated. Please update your students with the following changes: Alberta Health Link 811: myhealth.alberta.ca/811.

For copies of the video contact Sylvie Lebihan at 403.955.1213 or Sylvie Lebihan.

Book an AHS presentation for your ESL Class

To book an AHS representative to come and present to your ESL class, read the presentation form and choose a topic most appropriate for your learners’ level. Then fill out the presentation request form on the last page of this PDF form: AB Health 2018-Nov-English level-Presentation list and email it to Yvonne Hau or Sylvie Lebihan.

Please note that we request a minimum of 10 students per presentation and the earlier you book the better chance we can fulfill your request. Please give us at least one month notice.

For more information and to send back the completed presentation request form, please contact Yvonne Hau, Diversity Liaison:

Public Health, Alberta Health Services—Calgary Zone

East Calgary Health Centre

4715-8th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2A 3N4

Tel: 403.955.1486

Best Practices in Supporting the Integration of Immigrant Families Through Small Ethno-cultural Organizations.

  • Read the full document here.—PDF

Norquest College

Minnesota Literacy Council

Below are a few links to resources for teaching ESL/EFL online. Check out the Zoom links to learn more about using Zoom to teach ESL online. Also, check out the online adult ESL levelled readers from Bow Valley College, as well a couple links to online worksheets.

  • Online Teaching TipsThis pdf was created by Rick and Patti Love and explains the steps they use to teach an ESL class on Zoom.
  • Zoom Best Practices and ResourcesAt the bottom of this webpage there are a few Best Practices for using Zoom that you can download and use to become better equipped to use Zoom to teach your students.
  • Getting Started Using ZoomThis webpage lists various recorded Zoom training sessions to learn more about using Zoom.
    • For new usersThis video is for those who are new to using Zoom, or if you only use it occasionally and need a refresher. (40 min.)
    • For intermediate/advanced usersThis video will show more intermediate to advanced features to use in Zoom meetings. (1 hr.)

LINC Student Assessment

These resources are to help determine student English skills according to the Canadian Language Benchmarks. Please remember this is for informal use only to help gauge their approximate English level.

Students wishing to have their Canadian Language Benchmarks officially tested should consult Immigrant Services Calgary for an assessment.

Canadian Language Benchmarks Documents

Winter Resources

Christmas Resources

Emergencies, Health and Illnesses

Spring/Summer Resources

About Canada Resources

Valentine’s Day Resources

Easter Resources

Mother’s Day Resources

Remembrance Day Resources

Thanksgiving Resources

Resources For Students

  • Improve Your English—Webpage
  • Free online ESL resources for teachers and learners. The Government of Alberta, Human Services funded the development of a series of ESL lessons and activities. Lessons are aimed at learners with a CLB proficiency level of benchmark 6 with free downloads.

Directions for Immigrants at Bow Valley College assists internationally educated immigrants with information and support towards employment and accreditation in their professional field. Services provided include a resource centre, career coaching, workshops on job search and networking, and industry networking opportunities.

Directions for Immigrants also offers study groups to prepare clients for licensing exams required by licensing bodies. Study groups are available for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical radiation technologists, medical lab technologists, and engineers. Clients may also participate in job success study groups such as Clear Communication for Business, Clear Communication for Health Professionals, and Communication Works! Immigrant professionals can utilize the services of Directions for Immigrants if they are internationally educated, legally able to work in Canada, residents of Alberta, and underemployed or unemployed.

The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth engages immigrant youth and families to fulfil their potential in Canadian society. The organization offers school programs, homework clubs, a family assistance program, and summer literacy programs.

  • E-mail: contactus@cbfy.ca
  • Phone: 403.230.7745
  • Address: 620–5920 Macleod Trail SW Calgary, AB T2H 0K2
  • Website: cbfy.ca

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society offers resettlement and integration services for newcomers. They also provide family and childcare support, seniors services, support for survivors of torture, LINC classes, computer training, notary services, career counselling, skills training, and English language instruction.

A program that supports immigrants, refugees, and their families after trauma. We embrace strengths-based, holistic practices that recognize and build on inherent resilience. We offer accessible, culturally-appropriate services that address trauma.

How we Journey Together:

Trauma-Focused Therapy for all Ages

• Individual therapy for children and youth, with outreach available
• Individual therapy for adults on-site
• Family therapy
• Parent support
• Psycho-education workshops for individuals and their families
• Social support groups

Website: ccisab.ca

The Calgary Immigrant Education Society has 3 locations in Calgary to assist immigrants and low-income Canadians to improve their basic language and computer skills. They provide various basic ESL courses, LINC programs, employment counselling, language training for immigrant professionals, as well as computer and entry-level jobs training. For more information, check our website.

Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA) was established in 1982 as a non-profit organization to address the needs and concerns of immigrant and refugee women, youth, children, and families. They offer settlement and integration services, language training, childcare, employment services, and family services.

The Centre for Newcomers provides settlement services, employment services, English language training (LINC), family services, and training programs.

Immigrant Services Calgary agency offers a variety of services including interpretation and translation, English and first-language assessment, career and educational counselling, citizenship classes, settlement services and workshops, family support programs, and referrals. Immigrant Services Calgary also has a comprehensive directory of ESL programs in Calgary (view directory)

Jewish Family Service Calgary offers basic needs assistance for low income individuals and families, counselling, resettlement services, services for seniors, and vocational support.

  • E-mail: info@jfsc.org
  • Phone: 403.287.3510
  • Address: 420–300 6 Ave. SE Calgary, AB T2G 0G5
  • Website: jfsc.org

The Bridges to Success program at McBride Career Group provides pre-employment services for Albertans who require assistance in establishing and maintaining employment or accessing further education or training. Program staff work with clients to provide support and assistance to help them achieve their goals.

Windmill Micro Lending, formerly the Immigrant Access Fund, is a charitable organization that provides loans for internationally trained and educated immigrants who need help with the costs of obtaining Canadian accreditation or training to become fully employed in their field.