Kindness Bridges the Gap — Allan Pole

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When I was a boy I suffered from asthma and hay fever.  Being allergic to hay and growing up on a farm was a tough combination during the summer months.  When the air was thick with dust and pollen I would suffer through some sleepless nights coughing and sneezing.  I vividly remember my mom enduring […]

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Seasonal, Secular, Sacred Christmas — Mary Cummins

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  What is Christmas? In many places in the world, Christmas is the most popular holiday in the year, especially for Christians. It is very nostalgic for many people—the sights, the sounds, the smells—and time spent with family and friends. Since Canada is in the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas comes in the winter season. Thus, we associate Christmas […]

Home Away From Home Part 1—Yaa Serwaa Somuah

2015-03-09T12:35:11+00:00March 9th, 2015|Immigration Stories, Through the Eyes of a Newcomer, Yaa Serwaa Somuah|

Note from the editor: Yaa Serwaa Somuah shares with us a part of her story about coming to Canada and how she learned to embrace her native language and culture amidst the Canadian one. It has been lightly edited for clarity, but the words are her own. Language is a medium of communication in humankind. Different languages are carriers […]

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