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Teaching ESL Bible Study

2024-06-10T15:12:51+00:00June 4th, 2024|Guest Post|

Helping students understand the truths in the Bible. Studying the Bible in your native language is challenging. Studying it in a non-native language is even more difficult. Interpreting the meaning of the Bible word by word and phrase by phrase in the context of the surrounding content is key to understanding the meaning of God’s

A Story of Connections

2024-06-05T18:17:36+00:00May 11th, 2024|Guest Post|

The Journey Of An ESL Teacher, Both New And Seasoned. Contributed by Kara (CESLM first-time attendee) and Sylvia (SOCEM long-time attendee) The Backstory. The beginnings of this connection story came about on Saturday, March 16th at the CESLM-SOCEM Annual Spring Training event. During the break between sessions at Fairview Baptist Church, our onsite location, Kara, a first-time

Blessing God’s Baby

2024-06-10T15:13:24+00:00December 5th, 2023|Allan Pole, Guest Post|

–by Allan Pole  Most people miss the significance of Christmas. Is it all about Santa Claus, shopping, exchanging gifts or eating a lot of food? Is it about spending time with family?  Or even about the baby in the manger? Don’t answer this last question too quickly. Instead of focusing on the baby in

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