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It made me understand that not only do you need to be more tolerant of other cultures, but maybe even more importantly be 'informed' about other cultures.

Intercultural Communication participant
The workshop was very useful because it opened my eyes.

Intercultural Communication participant
Interesting and appropriate activity sessions. Teaches tolerance for things & people & ways of other cultures.”

Intercultural Communication participant
All the new concepts and perspectives helped me understand the challenges we have in a multicultural country.

Intercultural Communication participant
Helps me think more about my intercultural relationships & how I can be more perceptive of others.

Intercultural Communication participant
Made me more aware of the range and nature of cultural differences that can lead to miscommunication.

Intercultural Communication participant
I wish I would have these kind of workshops in my country before coming to Canada.

Intercultural Communication participant
Numerous things came up that I had never experienced or thought of.

Intercultural Communication participant
I have a better understanding of the complexity of cultural differences.

Intercultural Communication participant

Intercultural Communication


Cooperative ESL Ministries Intercultural Communication photo of DiversitreeWork with people from other cultures? Live near someone from another country? Want to welcome people from other cultures in your church or school? Do you want to feel comfortable and confident communicating with people from other cultures?

If your life intersects with people from other cultures, these workshops will benefit you!

Topics include

  • Identity (who we are)
  • Point of View (how we see things)
  • Interaction (how we share ideas)

Our workshops will help you understand and appreciate people from different cultures and develop more effective ways of communicating with them. They will also be helpful for newcomers to Canada who want to learn more about Canadian culture.

We can design sessions that fit your organization, church or school (Calgary and surrounding area).

For for more information, please contact our Events Coordinator at

Our 2018 Intercultural Communication Handbook is available for download.

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