There is a huge difference between a developed country and a developing country or third world country.

When you holistically look at a developed country like Canada you see:

  • The people has access to potable water
  • Access to education
  • The people has access to work
  • Access to health care
  • Good infrastructure

Then let’s take a deeper look to a developing country or third world like Haiti:

  • The people has no access to good education
  • No access to good source of water
  • No access to health care
  • Most of the time 5 out 10 people die because of lack of finances

Haitians-at-beachHaiti is a beautiful country. I was born and raised there. This land abound with so many resources and yet all of the resources has been wasted. You may have heard in the news or magazine that Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Sadly and angrily, I don’t understand how come a country that is full with resources such as fruit, coffee, and cotton—even gold, I heard—is still so poor. Why is that? Why are these resources are not exported and give these poor Haitian jobs? Most fruit and vegetables come from Mexico or somewhere, but why not Haiti? Most fruit come from anywhere in the world and they not even taste like fruit. If you wonder how tasty an avocado or papaya can be, visit Haiti and then taste one of these exotic wonders.

Most Haitians is a hard worker, yet they earn the lowest rate in the hemisphere. A teacher in Haiti makes an average of 20 dollars US a day. Many more Haitians make two dollars a day. Haitians have no access to clean water. Malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, and thyroid are destroying them. Malnutrition among babies and infants is horrible.  The people there has no access to health care, and the public hospital or the health care center are so dirty. Some doctors and nurses have heart hard like a rock and they yell and neglect patients who do not have money.

Haitian-TreesOur forefathers fought hard for our land and freedom, but unfortunately these resources has not been used properly. Our leader is so corrupt, he gathers money from foreign countries and put it all in his pocket. Canada has clean drinking water everywhere you pass, why not Haiti? Canada has captured water from a dirty river and transformed it to good source of water, yet we have a dirty, flowing river too. Come on, capture these waters and give life to those beautiful, smart, hard-working people.

We have beautiful beaches and beautiful people. [Christopher] Columbus said this about Haiti: “This is an earthly paradise.” Columbus went further to say. “They are the best people in the world and above all the gentlest. Most of the people show the most singular loving behavior and they speak pleasantly. They love their neighbor with volume as themselves. They have the sweetest talk in the world and they are always laughing.”

Haitian-boy-and-girlHaiti shouldn’t be a poor country, we have resources that could exported or exchanged, the government can create job with these resources, and they have the power and the key to do that. Haiti can be a self-sufficient country and the people as well. Unfortunately we don’t have a good leader like Canada has. I wonder if Haiti has no leader at all what would happen?

In 2010, God granted me a great opportunity to move here in Canada. I was shocked by the beautiful clean country.  I was thirsty and asked my husband for a glass of water while we were staying at one of the hotel in Montreal right after the earthquakes [in Haiti]. He said, “go to the bathroom and get some water.” I looked at him as if he was crazy. I said, “Do you want me to die?” and he said, “No, the water here is a good source of water. Whether you take it from the bathroom or the kitchen, you won’t die.” I thought deeply in my heart, “No wonder some people in Africa or Haiti worship white people as their god.” Man, this is heaven to me. I was dying with chronic malaria and had no access to potable water and now I can drink it right from the tap.

I’ve learned in school [in Haiti] that Canada is one of the developed country, it has everything one needs and full with great opportunity. First time I went to the doctor in Canada, I was choked up. The hospital were very clean and the nurse and the doctor treats me with respect and I paid zero money. In contrast, in Haiti 5 years ago, I was pregnant. One Haitian doctor neglects me and some of the nurses were looking down at me. I was there for an emergency caesarean. It became a waiting caesarean, where I wait in my pain. At that time I had a bit of money—not rich, but enough to get by. If these scavengers knew I married a white, they will take good care of me. God was my doctor and defender, He then sent a Moses for me. My Moses was a Cuban doctor and at the time, I speak a little broken Spanish. While I was in great distress for 3 days, my family lost hope. They thought that the baby would die already. I paced back and forth close to the surgery door and then with great strength I pulled the door open and pushed the nurse away. Then I met my Cuban doctor. I said, “Ayurdame” which means ‘help’ and then he started screaming for help. This is what saves my life and my son’s life.

Canadian people has so much pity and compassion. You guys well deserved to born in a land that flow with milk and honey.

  • In Canada, some patients die because they were meant to die, but in Haiti the patient died because some of the doctors let them die
  • In Canada, even the animals has access to see a doctor
  • In Haiti, no animals—or even some people—have access to see the doctor
  • In Canada, the homeless people has access to food bank
  • In Haiti, the food that is given to Haitians is mostly expired. The people who work in the government sell it instead of give it to the needy, and most of the time the needy don’t get any
  • In Canada, you can take a loan to accomplish your dream
  • You can’t accomplish nothing in Haiti unless you have the money. Some people think you could be a success with no money, but that is nonsense. The only way for someone to be a success is to have access to good resources. By working hard and being smart and devoted. I believe you could also be success by finding a divine blessing

Haitian-HumanitarianI love living in Canada and I can’t wait to see what the future hold for me here in Canada. I like my Haiti as well, but I have to be a change for Haiti—not in a political manner, but with helping others in need, like these Humanitarian are doing. I want to say thank you to all these organisations in Haiti right now that are doing such a great job for the Haitians. May God keep you guys safe!

Almighty God is not done yet with Haiti, there will be a jubilee for this beautiful land. In our heart we worship a true God and this God will set our land free and gives freedom. Through the storm of life we hold on tight and not let go, because we know God will set us free. In God’s hands, we found our peace. We thank you God for Haiti.

Come on and see this white freezing land that full with opportunity. Northern light shine across the land and makes people stand in awe.
Almighty King who gave us this beautiful prosperous land. Dada dada, dada! Is the song of my heart for Canada and all you nations.
Awesomely and majestic land, and the people speak with freedom.  Oh Canada, How beautiful and prosperous you are. Thank you God for Canada.

Adeline-Tataille-KnisleyAdeline Tataille-Knisely



*photos provided by Haiti ARISE Ministries