I’m very humble and feeling blessed to be granted as a Canadian citizen. It wasn’t something that I even hoped for, but in everything God always has a plan for those who believe.

Before I met my Canadian husband, I met a Canadian pastor who was willing to invest in me and supported me to come to Canada, but it was not easy. I spent a ton of money to apply for a visa, then I get denied seven times. This pastor eventually become tired of wasting money and decided this door has to be shut. Later on, I met my husband. We fell in love, then get married. My husband spent ton of money again to get a visa for me to come here, but no luck. He grew weary and discouraged, but I was not, because I know that God has a plan for me and maybe the time isn’t right. I said, ‘God, I will wait on your time and when it is time you send me.’

In 2010, a big earthquake hit Haiti and left behind so many orphans and homeless. My family and I were so fortunate to be alive, it is a miracle. Later, we found out that I might have chance to come to Canada because of my husband that is a Canadian citizen. But this was not easy because they only want my husband to get on the plane, not me or my son. A member of the Canadian army called me and said we wanted this child to go, you get your husband and your child. When we get to Port-au-Prince, they would not let us get out because there is still doubt that I can’t leave Haiti. Again God’s favor was upon us, they gave me and my son a visa. Then we know for sure we are going to be in the soil of Canada.

To be a Canadian citizen you need to be a permanent resident first, then you have to stay in Canada for at least 3 years without going anywhere outside of Canada. If you do go somewhere before that 3 years, your process of being a Canadian citizen will be delayed. The process wasn’t hard at all, but it is still a pile of paper work and research. It only cost 200 dollars to apply. When you apply they will send you a book while your paper is in progress. My paper only take a year to process, but I know for some people it took them a while. If you would like to become a Canadian citizen, go ahead and do so, it is a great feeling.

When you get the book, study it. You can go online to practice the test, but you need to study the book if you want to pass the test. If you study, the test will be easy, but if you do not study, it is not easy at all. Please study the book.

My golden road to being a Canadian citizen is a great step to freedom and right.  I have the right to vote now, which is awesome, and I have a reputable name which is Canadian, that means respect. I’m greatly proud of being a Canadian citizen and I would never take it for granted. The ceremonies was absolutely splendid, there was the Ukrainian dancer and a native singer. He has done an amazing job singing for us. Rona Ambrose was there. It was a blessed day which made and marked my history. I love being a Canadian citizen. Canada is a great place to be.

Adeline-Tataille-KnisleyAdeline Tataille-Knisely now lives in Alberta, Canada.
She teaches how to cook Haitian meals through her classes: Under the Mango Tree.